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In: ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency (ACM FAccT’24)

Pattern Recognition Letters (PRL’24)

Public Health Nutrition (PHN’23)

In: Workshop on Multi-lingual Representation Learning (MRL) at EMNLP’23

In: Iberoamerican Congress on Pattern Recognition (CIARP’23)


Carlos Antônio Caetano Junior (IC/UNICAMP), “CSAM recognition models based on proxy tasks”, Fellowship: FAPESP

Helena Maia (IC/UNICAMP), “Natural language processing & cognitive architectures”, Fellowship: H.IAAC

Leo Sampaio Ferraz Ribeiro (IC/UNICAMP), “Few-shot scene recognition, a new proxy task for CSAM detection”, Fellowship: FAPESP

Ph.D. Students

Alceu Bissoto (IC/UNICAMP), “Evaluating and mitigating bias in skin lesion analysis”, Supervisors: Sandra Avila, Eduardo Valle, Scholarship: CAPES (June 2020), FAPESP & Google LARA 2019-2020

Camila Laranjeira (DCC/UFMG), “It’s not pornography, It’s abuse! Exploring visual cues for the classification of CSAI”, Supervisors: Jefersson A. dos Santos, Sandra Avila, Fabricio Benevenuto

Diego Moreira (IC/UNICAMP), “Multimodal representation space for text guided data generation”, Supervisors: Sandra Avila, Hélio Pedrini, Scholarship: H.IAAC

Gabriel Oliveira dos Santos (IC/UNICAMP), “Brazil in focus: A multimodal large language model aware of the Brazilian context for text generation”, Supervisors: Sandra Avila, Esther Colombini, Scholarship: H.IAAC

João Medrado Gondim (IC/UNICAMP), Scholarship: H.IAAC

João Macedo (DCC/UFMG), Supervisors: Jefersson A. dos Santos, Sandra Avila

Levy Gurgel Chaves (IC/UNICAMP), “Transferability estimation scorers for efficient transfer learning”, Supervisors: Sandra Avila, Eduardo Valle, Scholarship: CAPES (May 2022), Google LARA 2021 & Santander

M.Sc. Students

Andreza Aparecida dos Santos (IC/UNICAMP), “Exploring domain generalization for CSAM classification”, Supervisors: Sandra Avila, Jefersson A. dos Santos

Beatriz Precebes (IC/UNICAMP), “Causal machine learning for cervical cancer classification”, Scholarship: DeepMind

Bruna Osti (IC/UNICAMP), “Causal disentanglement for skin lesion classification”

Eduarda Gavião (IC/UNICAMP), “Self-supervised learning for classifying black skin lesions”, Scholarship: DeepMind

Gil Carvalho (IC/UNICAMP)

Jhessica Silva (IC/UNICAMP), “Evaluating ethics tools in language models”, Supervisors: Hélio Pedrini, Sandra Avila, Scholarship: H.IAAC

Lucas de Magalhães Araújo (IC/UNICAMP), “Evaluating deep neural networks-based methods for seismic image super-resolution”, Supervisors: Edson Borin, Sandra Avila

Luiz Fellipe Machi Pereira (IC/UNICAMP), “Modelos de linguagem aliados a estruturas linguísticas para geração de texto em português”, Supervisors: Sandra Avila, Nádia Félix & Helena Maia, Scholarship: H.IAAC

Marcela Medicina (IC/UNICAMP), “Multi-Level privacy for skin lesion classification: A federated learning approach”, Supervisors: Sandra Avila, Luiz Bittencourt

Nina da Hora (IC/UNICAMP), “Beyond the face: Unraveling the impact of facial geometric variation on recognition algorithms across different ethnicities”, Supervisors: Sandra Avila, Marisol Marini, Scholarship: DeepMind, CNPq

Victória Pedrazzoli Ferreira (IC/UNICAMP), “Métodos baseados em Transformers visuais para o monitoramento automático de publicidades alimentícias”, Supervisors: Sandra Avila, Paula Horta, Scholarship: Santander


MC102: Algoritmos e Programação de Computadores 1s2023, 1s2022, 1s2021, 1s2020, 1s2019, 1s2018

MC886: Aprendizado de Máquina 2s2023, 2s2022, 2s2021, 2s2020, 2s2019, 2s2018, 2s2017

M0434: Deep Learning 2s2020, 2s2019

2023: Top 2% of most-cited researchers in the world, according to the Stanford University, Elsevier list

2023: Human Rights Academic Recognition Award, UNICAMP-Vladimir Herzog Institute, “Leveraging Self-supervised Learning for Scene Recognition in Child Sexual Abuse Imagery” (Master thesis), M.Sc.: Pedro Valois

2022: Google Awards for Inclusion Research, Google AIR 2022: Google Awards for Inclusion Research, “Dark Skin Matters: Fair and Unbiased Skin Lesion Models”

2022: Top 2% of most-cited researchers in the world, according to the Stanford University, Elsevier list

2022: Honorable Mention Award, ISIC Skin Image Analysis Workshop at ECCV’22, “An Evaluation of Self-supervised Pre-training for Skin-lesion Analysis”, Ph.D. student: Levy Chaves


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