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In: ISIC Skin Image Analysis Workshop at CVPR’19

In: ISIC Skin Image Analysis Workshop at CVPR’19

IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing (JSTARS’19)

Current Students


Ph.D. Students

Alceu Bissoto (IC/Unicamp), “Generating unlimited skin lesion analysis with generative adversarial networks”

Edson Bollis (IC/Unicamp), “Detection of citrus pests and diseases using mobile deep neural networks”, Supervisors: Sandra Avila, Hélio Pedrini, Scholarship: CAPES

M.Sc. Students

Andressa Marçal (IC/Unicamp), Scholarship: CAPES

Breno Leite (IC/Unicamp), “Exploring deep audio features for violent scenes detection”

Eva Maia Malta (IC/Unicamp), “Computational cloud services for machine learning”, Supervisors: Edson Borin, Sandra Avila, Scholarship: Petrobras

Giovanna Antonieti (IC/Unicamp), “Explainable AI for sensitive media analysis”, Scholarship: CAPES

Jonlenes Castro (IC/Unicamp), “Improving seismic data with generative adversarial networks for horizon tracking”, Supervisors: Sandra Avila, Tiago Coimbra, Scholarship: CAPES (March 2019) & QuintoAndar

Lucas de Magalhães Araújo (IC/Unicamp), “Super resolution imaging of seismic data”, Supervisors: Edson Borin, Sandra Avila

Marcos Teixeira (IC/Unicamp), “Multi-view data fusion for violent scenes detection”

Vanessa Sidrim (IC/Unicamp), Scholarship: CAPES (May 2019) & FITec

Undergraduate Students

Akari Ishikawa (IC/Unicamp) “Deep learning architectures for disturbing content detection in cartoons”, Scholarship: PIBIC/CNPq (March 2019) & Movile

Gabriel Oliveira dos Santos (IC/Unicamp), Supervisors: Sandra Avila, Esther Colombini, Scholarship: FAEPEX/Unicamp

Leonardo Lima De Souza (IC/Unicamp), “Metrologia por imagem para agricultura de precisão em fruticultura e fenotipagem”, Supervisors: Sandra Avila, Thiago Teixeira Santos, Scholarship: Embrapa/PIBIC/CNPq

Luís Serrano (IC/Unicamp), “Deep learning techniques for skin cancer classification”, Scholarship: PIBIC/CNPq


MC886: Aprendizado de Máquina 2s2019

M0434: Deep Learning 2s2019

MC886/MO444: Aprendizado de Máquina e Reconhecimento de Padrões 2s2018, 2s2017

MC102: Algoritmos e Programação de Computadores 1s2019, 1s2018

2019: Best Paper Award, ISIC Skin Image Analysis Workshop at CVPR, ”(De)Constructing Bias on Skin Lesion Datasets”

2018: Scientific Merit, XXVI Congresso de Iniciação Científica da Unicamp, “Pornographic Cartoon Video Detection through Deep Neural Networks”

2018: Google Research Awards, Google LARA 2018: Latin America Research Awards, “Improving Skin Cancer Classification with Generative Adversarial Networks”

2018: Best Paper Award, ISIC Skin Image Analysis Workshop at MICCAI, “Data Augmentation for Skin Lesion Analysis”

2018: Prêmio Inventores Unicamp, Licensed Technology, “Multimodal and real-time method for sensitive media content filtering”