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I teach disciplines related to Computer Architecture. Some of my lectures are available through my YouTube Channel.

Grants, Awards, and Recognition

HP Technology for Teaching provided opportunity to increase the usage of TabletPCs in classroom, creating an interactive classroom environment. Latter, in the same project, we started recording lectures using the same equipment and an adapted version of Classroom Presenter and the WebLectures project. I have a longer version of this project description.

Intel Multicore Curriculum Award provided opportunity to create a new module for the Computer Course and also to teach Parallel Programming techniques. We shared this curriculum with other universities in Brazil. One interesting fact is that the first patch to parallelize the ImageMagick software came from a class work from this discipline.

UNICAMP Teaching Award was created in 2012 and I was one of the recipients on the first edition.

I have been honored 8 times from the graduating students of Computer Engineering and Computer Science Courses.


Here is a list of all disciplines I have taught at UNICAMP. Names and content are in Portuguese:

Undergrad Level

Graduate Level

  • MP002 - Arquitetura de Computadores (2004s1)
  • MO401 - Arquitetura de Computadores I (2005s2, 2009s2)
  • MO801 - Tópicos em Arquitetura e Hardware - Projeto de Circuitos Digitais Avançados (2003s1, 2004s1, 2006s1)
  • MO801 - Tópicos em Arquitetura e Hardware - Sistemas Multicore: Software e Hardware (2008s1)
  • MO801 - Tópicos em Arquitetura e Hardware - Microarquitetura (2014s2, 2015s2)
  • MO836 - Tópicos em Projeto e Modelagem de Hardware (2013s2)
  • MO901 - Seminário de Computação - Seminários de Arquitetura de Computadores e Compiladores (2011s2, 2012s1, 2012s2, 2013s1, 2014s1, 2014s2, 2015s1, 2016s1)