Nelson Luis Saldanha da Fonseca received his Electrical Engineer (1984) and MSc in Computer Science (1987) degrees from The Pontificial Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and the MSc (1993) and Ph.D (1994) degrees in  Computer Engineering from The University of Southern California. He receive the title of  “Livre Docente”  in Computer Networks from the State University of Campinas in 1999.

He is a Full Professor at Institute of Computing of The State  University of Campinas, Campinas - Brazil. He has been affiliated to the Institute of Computing since 1995.  He served as Head of the Computer Systems Department, and Associate Chair for Graduate Studies. He was a Visiting Professor in the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications, University of Trento, University of Pisa and University of Basque Country. He held Lecturer positions at Pontificial Catholic University (1985 - 1987)  and worked in the Computer Communications group at IBM Rio Scientific Center (1989).

His current research interest are 5G networks, Cellular IoT, Artificial Inteligence applied to Networks and Distributed Systems, Elastic Optical Networks, Fog Computing and Edge Inteligence. Nelson has also worked in Video services, Scheduling, Grid and Cloud Computing, Traffic Control and Traffic Modeling.

Nelson Fonseca has published over 400 refereed papers. He received the IEEE ComSoc  Transmission, Access Optical Systems Technical Committee Best Paper Award (2014), the IEEE Globecom 2012 Best Paper Award and IEEE Latincom 2011Best Paper Award.

He supervised over 70 graduate thesis and dissertations. His graduate students received fifteen  awards in Brazilian and Latin America Thesis and Dissertations contests.

He served as an IEEE Communications Society Distinguished Lecturer. He received the IEEE Communications Society Joseph LoCicero Award for Exemplary Service to Publications, the IEEE Communications Society Latin America Region Distinguished Service Award, the Medal of the Chancelor of the University of Pisa (2007), the 2003 State University of Campinas Zeferino Vaz award for academic productivity in Computer Science, the Elsevier Computer Network Journal Editor of Year 2001 award. As student, he also received the 1994 University of Southern California International Book award and the Brazilian Computer Society First Thesis and Dissertations award.

He was Keynote Speaker for the conferences ITC-27, LANOMS 2019, UNSA/IEEE ICOMM 2019,, IEEE ColCom 2016, IEEE Cloudnet 2015, IEEE NOMS 2014, IEEE LATINCOM 2013, IEEE ANDESCOM 2006, IWT 2007, Wperfromance, SBRT 2003. He also delivered courses in the IEEE ComSoc First Summer School (ternto, 2015), IEEE ComSoc Third Summer School (Albuquerque, 2017), 1st IEEE Summer School on Smart Cities (Natal, 2017), and IET Digital Summer School (Bologna, 2019). He delivered tutorials in several major international conferences such as IEEE ICC and IEEE GLOBECOM.

Currently, he is the IEEE ComSoc Director for Conference Development. He served as the IEEE ComSoc Vice President Technical and Education Activities (2018-2019), Vice President Publications (2016-2017),   Vice President for Member Relations (2012-2013) and as  elected Member at Large of the IEEE ComSoc Board of Governors (2009-2011). He served as IEEE ComSoc Director for Conference Development, Director for Latin America (2008-2009), Director for On-Line Services (2002-2003), and Chair of the IEEE ComSoC Communications Systems Integration and Modeling Technical Committee (2005-2007), and Chair of IEEE Comsoc Technical Commitee on Multimedia Communications (2006-2008). 

He is Senior Technical Editor for the IEEE Communications Magazine and served as Senior Technical Editor for the IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials. He was  EiC for IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials (2008-2012). He served as EiC of the IEEE Communications Society Electronic Newsletter (2004-2007), Associate EiC of  IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials (2006) and Editor of the Global Communications Newsletter (1999-2002). He is on the editorial board of  Computer Networks, IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials, the  IEEE Communications Magazine, Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications, Journal of Internet Services and Applications,Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society and International Journal of Communication Systems. He served as Associate editor for IEEE Transaction on Multimedia (1999-2004), for the Brazilian Journal of Telecommunications (2001-2004) and for the Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society (2002-2007). He co-edited Teletraffic Engineering in the Internet Era, Elsevier, 2001, and organized several special issues to Computer Networks Journal, IEEE Journal of Selected Areas in Communications, IEEE Communications Magazine Journal of the Brazilian Telecommunications Society and Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society.

Dr. Fonseca crated the IEEE Networking Letters, the IEEE Communications Society Student Competition, the NFV-SDN Conference,  the IEEE Latin America Conference on Communications, the IEEE Latin-America Conference on Cloud Computing and Communications as well as the Multimedia Communications Series of Symposium in IEEE Globecom and IEEE ICC.  He was TPC Co-Chair for IEEE ICC 2016. He co-chaired the QoS, Reliability and Performance Modeling Symposium (IEEE ICC2010, ICC2009, ICC 2008, ICC 2007, IEEE ICC 2006, IEEE ICC 2004, IEEE ICC 2003) , IEEE ICC 2005 Next Generation Networks for Universal Services and IEEE GLOBECOM 2004 General Symposium. He was the Technical Chair of the 2008 Brazilian Symposium on Computer Networks  and the chair of the 2003 Brazilian Workshop on Performance Evaluation of Computer and Communications Systems.  He was Vice-Technical Chairman of the International Teletraffic Congress 17 (2001), chairman of the 7th IEEE Workshop on Computer-Aided Modeling Design and Analysis of  Communication Links and Networks (CAMAD'98), vice-chair of CAMAD2000, vice-chair of IEEE Globecom'99 Multimedia Technology and Services Symposium.

Full Curriculum Vitae (stored on Brazilian Lattes Platform)