JACA Software Fault Injection Tool


JACA is a new Software Fault Injection tool, written in Java. It uses Javassist, a Meta-Object Protocol, in order to inject faults inside a system being tested. It also monitors that system to verify if it gives the expected outputs even in the presence of faults.

JACA can perform high-level fault injection in object oriented systems. Namely, it can inject faults related to atributes and methods of objects of a Java program. JACA can also be easily extended to perform low-level fault injection, affecting Assembly-language elements (CPU registers, buses, etc).

JACA was designed to be highly adaptable and portable: it runs on every platform running the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

JACA does not need an application's source code: instrumentation necessary for fault injection and monitoring purposes are introduced at bytecode level.

A user-interface provides menu-driven access to the tool's functions.

In a joint project with University of Coimbra, Jaca was improved, giving origin to JacaC3.  Among other things,  Jaca can now generate reports based on .CVS file format. These reports allow statistical analysis and require less effort to handle the experiments results. Jaca monitoring abilities provide detailed information to observe exceptional behavior during the execution of fault injection campaign.


To download Jaca's latest version, click here.



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The development of JACA was supported by the research support foundation FAPESP ("Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo").

was developed with the support of a CAPES-GRICES project.

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