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Latest version: 1.1


LiveWire is a free 2D interactive tool for medical image segmentation based on the live-wire-on-the-fly algorithm. The segmentation consists of tracing, interactively, a closed contour which describe the boundary of an object.

The software is written in C and Tcl/Tk, and is available for Windows and Linux platforms.

Supported input formats: GIF, PPM, PGM and SCN.
Supported output formats: PGM and SCN.

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The User's Manual is available in pdf format.

User's Manual (pdf) - 1082218 bytes
Windows version (98, 2000, XP) - 4108794 bytes
Linux version (compiled on Mandrake 10) - 3381580 bytes

A tool to convert from DICOM image sequences to SCN volume files is available here.

If you find bugs or have problems in using LiveWire, please send an e-mail to at or afalcao at

This software is part of a scientific initiation project funded by FAPESP and advisored by Prof. Alexandre Xavier Falcão of University of Campinas, Brazil.

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2004 - Celso Suzuki

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