Alexandre Passos's Research Homepage


PhD in Computer Science from the Institute of Computing (Unicamp) in Brazil with Professor Jacques Wainer, currently a grad student in UMass Amherst, in the Information Extraction and Synthesis Laboratory (IESL) with Professor Andrew McCallum.

My main area of interest, and research, is the intersection between machine learning and natural language processing.

My curriculum vitae is here: CV


Email me at or, whichever you prefer, they arrive at the same inbox. I have a a research blog (in english), at I'm alextp on github. My phone number is 1 413-314-8109.

Fiz um mini-site pra ajudar com as contas de fim de mês,



Publications, projects, and works-in-progress



With Caio Tiago Oliveira and Ítalo Valcy I wrote a Ruby Turing Machine simulator called rturing.