Zbigniew Banasik's translations from f1r

The word readings and translations below were provided upon request by Zbigniew Banasik to J. Stolfi on 2004-05-19.

The original file by ZB, in Microsoft Excel format, is found here.

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f1r - word readings

Derivation from
I/1/5dome1) penetrating, infiltrating, going in (P) (V)do- = to penetrate, to infiltrate, to go in
--2) being inside (P) (V)do- = to be inside
I/1/6dosi1) go in, penetrate, infiltrate (I)dosi- = do- (frequently)
--2) something that/somebody who needs to go in/penetrate/infiltrate-
I/1/8i | ai | yahe/she/it | what | who-
I/1/10dombewhat/who/I... they penetrate(s)/will penetrate//infiltrate(s)/will infiltrate//go(es) in/will go indo-
I/2/2osi *1) something that/somebody who needs to create (permanently)o- = to became, to create, to be created
--2) something that/somebody who needs to be created (permanently)-
I/2/3 gūwasaotherwiseguwa = another, other, different
I/2/4osi *see I/2/2-
I/2/7dose *1) go in, penetrate, infiltrate this time (I)do-
--2) something that/somebody who needs to go in/penetrate/infiltrate this time-
I/2/9juse *the needs to generate; to generatejui = child
I/2/10jusethe children-
I/2/11buge (*)1) to ought to givebu- = to give
--2) somebody who will give-
--3) something that will be given-
I/3/3ose *be able,can (I)o- = to be able, to can, to be permitted, to be allowed
I/3/5dobe1) penetrating, infiltrating, going in (A)do-
--2) being inside (A)-
I/4/6bunge1) the giving (the act in the future)bu- = to give
--2) somebody who will give-
--3) something that will be given-
I/4/8 ose *see I/3/3-
I/5/1ele ursei (?)of all the nation, of all the peopleurse = the nation, the people
I/5/3junge1) the procreation, the birth (the act in the future)jui = child
--2) somebody who will procreate/generate-
--3) somebody who will be procreated/fertilized-
II/1/1obuse *the needs of doing/acting/causingobu- = to act, to do, to cause
II/1/3domesee I/1/5-
II/2/2šobipermanently warming/heating; permanently getting warm/heat (A)šo- = to warm, to heat; to get warm, to get heat
II/2/5šowarm, heat, get warm, get heat (I)-
II/2/6jai1) second-
--2) again,afresh,once more-
II/2/8esi | simaybe, perhaps | you(sg)-
II/2/9burge *distibute, deal out, use, use upbu- = to give
II/3/1bungesee I/4/6-
II/3/4dobi1) penetrating/infiltrating/going in permanently (A)do-
--2) being inside permanently (A)-
III/2/2do1) penetrate/infiltrate/go in (I)-
--2) be inside (I)-
III/2/8elesee I/2/1-
III/2/10bungesee I/4/6-
III/3/2gakitake (GI)ga-/gai- = to take
III/3/7dosee III/2/2-
III/3/8omburge *the medicine, the mixture, the creamo- = to became, to create, to be created
III/3/8+9omburge bethe medicine, the mixture, the cream (Acc)-
III/4/1burge *see II/2/9-
III/4/2onge1)The possibility, the ability, the potency (in the future)o- = to be able, to can, to be permitted, to be allowed
--2)Somebody who will be possible or able or potent-
--3)Something that will become possible or potent-
III/4/3šome1) warming,heating (now, in this moment) (P)šo- = to warm, to heat; to get warm, to get heat
--2) somebody who is warming/heating-
--3) something that is warming/heating-
--4) somebody who is warmed/heated now-
--5) something that is warmed/heated now-
III/4/4obunge1) the act, the deed, the cause (in the future)obu- = to act, to do, to cause
--2) somebody who will act or do cause-
--3) something that will act or do cause-
III/4/5šoburge1) the dictate of warming, heating, the heatšo- = to warm, to heat; to get warm, to get heat
--2) somebody who orders to warm/heat (something/somebody)-
--3) something that causes to be warmed/heated-
III/4/6šabidrying, dry (A)ša- = to dry, to smoke
III/4/9jaisee II/2/6-
III/5/1bungesee I/4/6-
III/5/4šose *the needs of warming/heating-
III/5/5dakibegin,generate (GI)da- = to start, to begin
III/5/7šomesee III/4/3-
III/5/8šomesee III/4/3-
III/5/10šomesee III/4/3-
III/6/1dosee III/2/2-
III/6/2šomesee III/5/7-
III/6/4obuge (*)1) something that should be done/causedobu- = to act, to do, to cause
--2) somebody who should do/cause (it/something)-
--3) to ought to do/cause (it/something)-
III/6/8ose *see I/3/3-
III/6/9šobunge1) the order of warming/heating (in the future)šobu- = to order to warm/heat
--2) the making somebody be warmed/heated (in the future)-
--3) somebody who will make somebody else be warmed/heated-
--4) somebody who will be made be warmed/heated-
III/6/10dosee III/2/2-
III/7/1i | ai | yasee I/1/8-
III/7/2šosee II/2/5-
III/7/5daku1) to be able to generateda- = to start, to begin
--2) the prospective mother/father-
III/7/8jaisee II/2/6-
III/7/9burjicopulate,do it (I)bur se- = to whirl, to swirl
III/8/1i | ai | yasee I/1/8-
III/8/3domesee I/1/5-
III/8/4dakabegin, generate this time (GI)da- = to start, to begin
III/8/7buge (*)see I/2/11-
III/8/8wargiEast (sometimes West), the erection-
III/8/9burge *see II/2/9-
III/9/12 šwse *two daysšwn = the sun; the day
2 šwse de junge
the procreation/the generation in two days-
III/10/2šose *the needs of warming/heating-
III/10/3šakidry (GI)ša- = to dry, to smoke
III/10/4burge *see II/2/9-
III/10/5gakisee III/3/2-
IV/1/4šomesee III/4/3-
IV/1/6dakisee III/5/5-
IV/1/8esi | sisee II/2/8-
IV/2/2šomesee III/4/3-
IV/2/3burge *see II/2/9-
IV/2/4jumeprocreating, fertilizing (P) (V)-
IV/2/4+5jumbuse *the ability to the fertilization, the fecundity-
IV/2/9dakisee III/5/5-
IV/2/10juse *see I/2/9-
IV/3/1šosee II/2/5-
IV/3/7bungesee I/4/6-
IV/3/9jomeremembering, bearing (something) in mind (P) (V)jo- = to remember
IV/3/9+10jombunge1) the reminder (in the future)-
--2) something that will be recalled-
--3) somebody who will recall-
IV/3/11jumbuse *see IV/2/4+5-
IV/4/4bungesee I/4/6-
IV/4/8šomesee III/4/3-
IV/5/2dobi1) penetrating, infiltrating, going in permanently (A) do-
--2) being inside permanently (A)-
IV/5/4jaisee II/2/6-
IV/5/6ačatai1) continuing to the very end, continuing till the end is reached ača- = to continue, to use, to meet
--2) to the using up, to the giving out-
IV/5/7ačasi1) continue again and again, continue time after time (I)ača- = to continue, to use, to meet
--2) use (it) again and again, use (it) time after time (I)-
IV/5/8bumegiving (P) (V)bu- = to give
IV/6/2šomesee III/4/3-
IV/6/3šohe1) warmed, heatedšo- = to warm, to heat; to get warm, to get heat
--2) somebody who heated-
--3) something that heated-
--4) somebody who is heated-
--5) something that is heated-
IV/6/4šoheiwarmed, heated (V1)-
IV/6/5šohekūwithout warming, without heating, not warmed, not heated (V1)-


(A)the adjective
(P)the participle
(I)the imperative
(GI)the gentle imperative
(V)the variants are analogical with III/4/6
(V1)the variants are analogical with IV/6/3
(Acc)the accusative
*the form exists no more in Manchu
(*)the form exists no more in Manchu (probably)

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