img/figures/covers/sibgrapi99-1/p.png [14629 bytes]
Proceedings of SIBGRAPI'99 -
XII Brazilian Symposium on Computer Graphics
and Image Processing.
Jorge Stolfi and Clésio L. Tozzi, editors.
IEEE Computer Society Press (1999)
ISBN: 0-7695-0481-7
Cover layout by Luiz Velho, illustration by ???.

img/logos/sibgrapi-1999-1/p.png [30563 bytes]
Logo for SIBGRAPI'99, black background
Provided Dec/1998 by Léo Pini, author unknown

img/logos/sibgrapi-1999-2/p.png [38585 bytes]
Logo for SIBGRAPI'99, white background.
Provided Dec/1998 by Léo Pini, author unknown.

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