Nelson Luís Saldanha da Fonseca

img/figures/covers/teletraf-1/p.png [24904 bytes]
Teletraffic Engineering in the Internet Era.
J. Moreira de Souza, Nelson L. S. da Fonseca,
E. A. de Souza e Silva (editors).
Elsevier (2001).
Cover design provided by the publisher.

img/photos/events-ic/1997-posse/21/p.png [173245 bytes]
Audience at the 1997 IC-UNICAMP New Director ceremony.
Row 1: Claudia Bauzer, ???, ???.
Row 2: Célia de Mello, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo,
Nelson Fonseca, Ariadne Carvalho.
Row 4: Anamaria Gomide and Ana Maria Monteiro.
Row 5: Islene Garcia and ???.
Photo taken 11/Mar/97 by J. Stolfi.

img/photos/events-ic/2001-feirainic/02/p.png [157238 bytes]
Nelson L. S. da Fonseca and ???,
at CIIC'2001 - UNICAMP's Undergraduate Science Projects Fair.
Digital photo taken September 2001 by Neucimar Leite.

img/photos/people/nfonseca-1/p.png [46478 bytes]
Nelson Luís Saldanha da Fonseca.
Photo taken May/95 by J. Stolfi.

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