Célio Cardoso Guimarães

img/photos/events-ic/1997-iclabs/03/p.png [45936 bytes]
Cláudio Lucchesi and Célio Guimarães,
at the IC-UNICAMP IC-3 Building inauguration.
Photo taken 13/Aug/1997 by J. Stolfi.

img/photos/events/1997-sblp/23/p.png [163380 bytes]
Jürg Gutknecht, ??, and Célio Guimarães at SBLP'97
Photo taken ~4/Sep by J. Stolfi.

img/photos/people/celio-1/p.png [34301 bytes]
Célio Cardoso Guimarães.
Photo taken May/95 by J. Stolfi.

img/photos/people/celio-3/p.png [47495 bytes]
Célio Cardoso Guimarães.
Photo taken June/1995 by João Meidanis.

img/photos/people/celio-4/p.png [39672 bytes]
Célio Cardoso Guimarães.
UNICAMP ID photo taken ???.

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