Alexandre Oliva

img/photos/events/1997-acmcontest/01/p.png [129303 bytes]
Alexandre Volpim, Alexandre Oliva, André Augusto Cesta,
and Ricardo Anido stopping at Marin, California on their
way back from Berkeley, before the 1997 ACM Programming Contest.
San Francisco and the Bay Bridge are in the background.
Photo taken ??-??-??, by J. Stolfi

img/photos/events/1997-sblp/14/p.png [49638 bytes]
Alexandre Oliva reflecting at SBLP'97.
Photo taken ~3/Sep/1997 by J. Stolfi.

img/photos/events/1997-sblp/18/p.png [137789 bytes]
Alexandre Oliva and Islene Garcia,
at the SBLP'97 cocktail.
Photo taken ~3/Sep/1997 by J. Stolfi.

img/photos/misc/isliva-4/p.png [30842 bytes]
Islene Calciolari Garcia and Alexandre Oliva,
at the IC-UNICAMP Creation party.
Photo taken 26/Mar/96 by J. Stolfi.

img/photos/misc/oliva-2/p.png [179032 bytes]
Alexandre Oliva and João Meidanis,
at the 1999 IC-UNICAMP Year-End party(?)
Photo taken ??/nov/1999(?) by J. Stolfi.

img/photos/people/oliva-1/p.png [37130 bytes]
Alexandre Oliva.
Photo taken May/95 by J. Stolfi.

img/photos/people/oliva-3/p.png [47905 bytes]
Alexandre Oliva at the 1999 IC-UNICAMP "Mass Tenure" party (?).
Photo taken ??/???/1999(?) by J. Stolfi.

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