The 2010 ACM Latin American Programming Contest
Oct. 22-24, 2010

The 2010 ACM Latin American Programming Contest was held on Oct. 23 in different sites across four regions: Brazil; Mexico, Central America and Caribbean; South America/North; South America/South. All sites used the same problem set.

Problem and test sets

Here are the problem sets and the corresponding test sets used across Latin America. Very few clarifications were needed.

Final standings

Final standings can be found at the ICPC home page. Here are the links for each region:

Contest Day Scoreboards

Live scoreboards will be externally visible only after the last site has started its contest, i.e., at least 17:30 GMT. Some scoreboards may show wrong information before this.

Live Scoreboard (Contest Day, Oct. 23)
Final scoreboards (Unofficial until further notice)
  • South America - South Region
    • Bolivia (starts 16:00 GMT)
      • Live cameras (needs IExplorer): here and here. Login: user, password: user.
    • Chile (starts 16:00 GMT)
    • Peru (starts 16:00 GMT)