Reinaldo A. Bergamaschi


Since you've wasted valuable seconds clicking on or typing my URL,I will bore you with some information. If you've reached here by mistake when you really wanted King Bergamaschi II of Bergamo (no relation), click <back> on your browser and I promise not to disclose to anyone the fact that you've visited this page.

My current areas of interest are related to information retrieval and analysis, in particular, algorithms for ranking and link analysis. Also, I am interested in algorithms for data center modeling, including power and performance analysis.
I still keep close eye on areas that I worked in the past, such as computer-aided design, power management for processors and systems, embedded systems design and tools, systems-on-chip, IC design, and computer architecture. I got hooked on CAD after a year's stint at, successfully but painfully, designing a chip. After which I decided that there must be better ways of doing that stuff, instead of drawing transistors, designing standard cells, and doing lots of spice and logic simulation.
That experience actually converted me into a believer of tools and I was born again as a CAD researcher, mainly focusing on high-level design tools, methodologies, etc. Along the years that belief has taken a beating after concluding that in any successful IC design project, the designers get all the credit and the tools people get the blame. But I haven't given up on tools just yet.
I have found that the skills and knowledge needed for CAD research are very fundamental and widely applicable to other fields in computer science.

Here is a summary of the stuff I've worked on in the past 25 years:
- Information retrieval and analysis
- Link analysis
- Power and performand analysis of Data Centers
- Power management algorithms
- Microprocessor and systems modeling using SystemC
- High-Level Design Methodologies
- RTL Sign-off
- High-Level Synthesis
- Logic Synthesis
- IC Design

For any questions please contact: rberga AT icunicampbr.
Here is a detailed resume and list of my publications.