James Lee

Alan Peixinho

Phd Student in Computer Science

About Me

I am a Phd Student in Computer Science at Unicamp, where I also obtained my masters degree, doing some cool stuff on Deep Learning (you can check my thesis).

I like to do stuff. Especially stuff involving numbers, computers, and pizza. My interests are mainly in Machine Learning and Computer Vision related stuff, with a special place for mobile in my heart.

Altought many people say I should avoid using the word stuff so much. I dont listen to them. Because it is a little cute word, isnt it? And I am losing my focus. Sorry.

In my free time, I enjoy ...

Who am I kidding?

I am a Phd student, I dont have free time.

My Stuff

The Little Fish World

the little fish world

WARNING: Hue BR only.

Alguns materiais que vou disponibilizando no meu blog pessoal.

Ele está meio que vazio agora, pra falar a verdade. Mas em algum momento vai começar a aparecer coisas por lá.


Mas, pra ser honesto, você não deveria acreditar nas promessas de estranhos. E, se você me conhece, deveria acreditar ainda menos.

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Work Experience

Android Lead Developer - Mnix Mobile Development (2012 - 2013)

Cross-platform development in a startup team of mobile developers, while managing the Android developers team.