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Energy-Aware Computing is a graduate course that covers system-level aspects of energy consumption and energy optimization in computing systems.


1Aug 1SECOMP   
2Aug 3SECOMP   
3Aug 8Course IntroductionSlidesReading: 1, 2 
4Aug 10Power in digital circuitsSlides  
5Aug 15Power measurement and modelingSlidesReading: 1, 2 
6Aug 17Energy estimation and measurement toolsSlides  
7Aug 22Energy estimation and measurement tools   
8Aug 24Hardware-level techniquesSlidesReading: 1, 2 
9Aug 29Hardware-level techniques   
10Aug 31PVT VariationsSlidesReading: 1 
11Sep 5Project Proposals   
 Sep 7Holiday   
12Sep 12Dark siliconSlidesReading: 1
13Sep 14Duty cyclingSlides  
14Sep 19DVFSSlidesReading: 1, 2Exam #1 Due
15Sep 21OS-level management: desktop and server systems Slides  
16Sep 26OS-level management: mobile systemsSlidesReading: 1, 2 
17Sep 28Energy bugsSlides  
18Oct 3Energy in IOT and distributed sensing devicesSlidesReading: 1 
19Oct 5Energy in IOT and distributed sensing devices   
20Oct 10Project Updates   
 Oct 12Holiday   
 Oct 17Course discussion and evaluation (no class)   
21Oct 19Approximate computing Slides  
22Oct 24Approximate computing SlidesReading: 1, 2Exam #2 Due
23Oct 26Green data centers Slides  
24Oct 31Green data centers Slides  
 Nov 2Holiday   
25Nov 7Energy-aware networking: HardwareSlides  
26Nov 9Energy-aware networking: MAC, Wi-Fi Slides  
27Nov 14Energy-aware networking: 3G and LTESlides  
28Nov 16Battery modeling and managementSlides Exam #3 Due
29Nov 21Project presentations   
30Nov 23Project presentations   
 Nov 30Project Reports Due