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Energy Efficient Computing is a graduate course that covers system-level aspects of energy consumption and energy optimization in computing systems.


1Feb 28Course IntroductionSlides[1] [2]
 Mar 5Holiday   
 Mar 7No class   
2Mar 12Power in digital circuitsSlides [1] [2]
3Mar 14Power in digital circuits   
4Mar 19Power measurement and modelingSlides[1] [2]
5Mar 21Energy estimation and measurement toolsSlides  
6Mar 26Circuits and Hardware   
7Mar 28PVT VariationsSlides 
8Apr 2Dark siliconSlides
9Apr 4Duty cyclingSlides  
10Apr 9DVFS   
 Apr 11ERAD-SP (no class)   
11Apr 16Project ProposalsSlides
 Apr 18Holiday   
12Apr 23OS-level management: desktop and server systems Slides Exam #1 Due
13Apr 25OS-level management: mobile systemsSlides 
14Apr 30OS-level management: mobile systemsSlides  
15May 2IOT and distributed sensing devicesSlides 
16May 7IOT and distributed sensing devices   
17May 9Project Updates   
18May 14Project Updates   
19May 16Approximate computing Slides  
20May 21Course discussion and evaluation (no class)  Exam #2 Due
21May 23Approximate computing (guest lecture)   
22May 28Data centers Slides  
23May 30Data centers Slides  
24Jun 4Networking: HardwareSlides  
25Jun 6Networking: MAC, Wi-Fi Slides  
26Jun 11Networking: 3G and LTESlides  
27Jun 13Battery modeling and managementSlides Exam #3 Due
28Jun 18Project presentations   
 Jun 20Holiday   
29Jun 25Project presentations   
30Jun 27Project reports