Student Organizations

The entities representing the interests of the IC students are:


CACOAcademic Center of Computer Students (CACo)

Both undergraduate students as IC graduate are automatically associated with the CACo as students.


AAACECAcademic Athletic Association of Science and Computer Engineering (AAACEC)

It aims to promote sport and social integration among its members, undergraduate and graduate students of Computing of the State University of Campinas.


CONPECConsulting, Projects and Studies in Computer (Conpec)

The Conpec is a civil non-profit association that aims to develop solutions in computing to people, businesses and society, establishing and expanding university-business and university-society links.


In addition to student organizations are still active in IC the following interest groups:




Free Software Support Group (GPSL)





Unicamp's Research Group of Games Development (Gamux)