Instituto de Computação

The Institute of Computing offers two undergraduate degrees. The Bachelor of Computer Science was established in 1969, the first of its kind in Brazil.  The degree includes courses planned to provide a comprehensive background in theoretical and applied aspects of computer science.  Computer Engineering is offered in cooperation with the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering and adheres to Brazilian regulations regarding engineering professionals.  The undergraduate courses for both degrees are evaluated regularly and are constantly reassessed to keep pace with reference curricula from ACM, IEEE and SBC (Brazilian Computer Society).


The Institute’s faculty members offer many opportunities for undergraduate students to engage in scientific research, typically as part-time members of larger research groups. Fellowships are regularly provided by Brazilian agencies FAPESP and CNPq, and also by Unicamp´s research funding office. The city of Campinas hosts many hi-tech companies that also offer part-time internship opportunities.


Companies all over Brazil and abroad rate our students as highly skilled professionals.  Several of our alumni are currently part of Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Samsung, Freescale, IBM, Santander, Bradesco, Itaú and others. Many Brazilian companies were founded by our former students, and some of them have grown to become important players in the industry, such as Ci&T, Matera, Pro-fusion and others. Also, participation in international programs and competitions has been a constant trait among our students, with award-winning participations in the ACM Programming Contest and Microsoft Imagine Cup, and several scholarships from Google Summer of Code.