Voynich Manuscript - Pages with special words highlighted

Interpreting the colors

In each of the pages below, I have highlighed with various bright colors for special words. Currently, a word is considered special if it occurs at least twice in some section, and its frequency in some page is significantly above its frequency in the containing section.

The special words and their colors have been chosen on a section-by-section basis. So, within each section (Herbal-A, Herbal-B, Biological, Astro-Cosmo, etc.), the same set of words is highlighted on all pages where they occur; and each word is painted with the same hue throughout the section. (However, the brightness of the color is made to vary slightly in proportion to the word's frequency in each particular page).

Both the special words and their colors will normally change from section to section.

This color identifies all unique words, namely those that occur only once in the current section of the VMs; and this color is used for words that are neither special nor unique.

Control section f301r-f311r

It is instructive to compare the colorized VMs pages with the control section f301r-f311r: a sample of English prose, which I colorized by the same methods as the rest of the book, as if it were a single separate section.

Word equivalence

Two words are assumed to be the same, for counting and colorizing purposes, if they are identical after the following operations:

  map `p' to `t' and `f' to `k'
  map `k' to `t' and `f' to `p'
  replace `ei' by `a'
  map `a' and `y' to `o'
  delete the word-initial `q'
  delete any embedded spaces


[f1r] [f49v] [f65r] [f65v] [f66r] [f85r1] [f86v6] [f86v5] [f116v]


[f88r] [f88v] [f89r1] [f89r2] [f89v2] [f89v1] [f99r] [f99v] [f100r] [f100v] [f101r1] [f101v2] [f102r1] [f102r2] [f102v2] [f102v1]


[f58r] [f58v] [f103r] [f103v] [f104r] [f104v] [f105r] [f105v] [f106r] [f106v] [f107r] [f107v] [f108r] [f108v] [f111r] [f111v] [f112r] [f112v] [f113r] [f113v] [f114r] [f114v] [f115r] [f115v] [f116r]


[f1v] [f2r] [f2v] [f3r] [f3v] [f4r] [f4v] [f5r] [f5v] [f6r] [f6v] [f7r] [f7v] [f8r] [f8v] [f9r] [f9v] [f10r] [f10v] [f11r] [f11v] [f13r] [f13v] [f14r] [f14v] [f15r] [f15v] [f16r] [f16v] [f17r] [f17v] [f18r] [f18v] [f19r] [f19v] [f20r] [f20v] [f21r] [f21v] [f22r] [f22v] [f23r] [f23v] [f24r] [f24v] [f25r] [f25v] [f27r] [f27v] [f28r] [f28v] [f29r] [f29v] [f30r] [f30v] [f32r] [f32v] [f35r] [f35v] [f36r] [f36v] [f37r] [f37v] [f38r] [f38v] [f42r] [f42v] [f44r] [f44v] [f45r] [f45v] [f47r] [f47v] [f49r] [f51r] [f51v] [f52r] [f52v] [f53r] [f53v] [f54r] [f54v] [f56r] [f56v] [f87r] [f87v] [f90r1] [f90r2] [f90v2] [f90v1] [f93r] [f93v] [f96r] [f96v]


[f26r] [f26v] [f31r] [f31v] [f33r] [f33v] [f34r] [f34v] [f39r] [f39v] [f40r] [f40v] [f41r] [f41v] [f43r] [f43v] [f46r] [f46v] [f48r] [f48v] [f50r] [f50v] [f55r] [f55v] [f57r] [f66v] [f94r] [f94v] [f95r1] [f95r2] [f95v2] [f95v1]


[f75r] [f75v] [f76r] [f76v] [f77r] [f77v] [f78r] [f78v] [f79r] [f79v] [f80r] [f80v] [f81r] [f81v] [f82r] [f82v] [f83r] [f83v] [f84r] [f84v]


[f57v] [f67r1] [f67r2] [f67v2] [f67v1] [f68r1] [f68r2] [f68r3] [f68v3] [f68v2] [f68v1] [f69r] [f69v] [f70r1] [f70r2] [f85r2] [f86v4] [f85v2] [f86v3]


[f70v2] [f70v1] [f71r] [f71v] [f72r1] [f72r2] [f72r3] [f72v3] [f72v2] [f72v1] [f73r] [f73v]


[f301r] [f302r] [f303r] [f304r] [f305r] [f306r] [f307r] [f308r] [f309r] [f310r] [f311r]
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