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The text on f116v

For the sake of those who haven't got access to mechanical reproductions of f116v, I have redrawn here the text as well as I could:

Rene Zandbergen has posted a 15th century German alphabet that matches fairly well most of these letter shapes.

This hand drawing is based on a 150dpi graycale image, reportedly scanned from a photocopy which may have been second generation or more. Thus the character shapes and spacing should be correct to within a few pixels; but don't trust the fine details. For one thing, the fainter details were washed out in the image. Moreover I used a pencil, whereas the original was in ink; so the "feel" of the letters is not quite right.

To the best of my knowledge, the original photocopy was legal and not subject to the Beinecke Library restrictions. However I am not sure (yet) whether I can post the scanned image, so the drawing will have to do for now.