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Voynich manuscript - Enhanced text images

The following documents contain images of the text from some pages the Voynich manuscript.

Image sources

The images were clipped from Jacques Guy's Voynich gallery; to be precise, from the full-size GIF files available at Ron Clarke's mirror of Guy's Voynich gallery.

Page contents

For reading convenience, the text in each page has been split into two or three parts, usually at paragraph boundaries. Each image is followed by an EVA transcription of the text, prepared by by me (Stolfi) from these same images. Note that this transcription differs in a few places from the versions found in the Reeds/Landini interlinear file.

The displayed images have been processed with a contrast enhancement filter to compensate for the poor and uneven quality of the original photographic reproductions. Specifically, I used a local normalization filter with parameters
a=0.05 za=0.05ra=1
b=0.50 zb=0.90rb=9

Each image is available also in its original form, and processed with a local rank filter filter with radius r=6.

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