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A large list of labels and titles

I have copied John Grove's extensive list of labels and merged it with my own (much shorter) list. In the process, I provided full location codes for most of the labels. I also included his "titles" (short sentences, usually after text paragraphs; or multi-word captions on diagrams).

HTML version

You can get the new list of labels as a pair of HTML pages, formatted for legibility, in either alphabetic or textual order.

The titles are in separate pages, likewise in alphabetic and textual order.

Machine-readable version

I also prepared a file with all the labels and titles in a more machine-readable format (90KB). Here is a small sample:

  0797|zodiac|f73v|Z|1|V|okal|-|Z|day?|sagittarius, not in circle, #1, carpet?
  0798|zodiac|f73v|Z|2|V|oteody|-|Z|day?|sagittarius, not in circle, #2
  0799|zodiac|f73v|Z|3|V|oteody|-|Z|day?|sagittarius, not in circle, #3
  0800|zodiac|f73v|Z|4|V|chody|-|Z|day?|sagittarius, not in circle, #4
This file has 11 fields separated by "|"s:
  1. A 4-digit textual sequence number, increasing from first page to last page.
  2. The name of the section containing the label. May be "?".
  3. A folio-based page number.
  4. A location code, consisting of a letter and possibly a digit, which denotes a group of labels within that page. (Location codes beginning with X, Y, or Z denote unknown locations withing the page.)
  5. A label number within that group (or line number, for titles): a non-negative integer, sometimes 0, rarely followed by "a" or "b".
  6. A one-letter transcriber code, defined in a separate table.
  7. The label or title, in the EVA alphabet.
  8. The alternate spelling of the label, in Grove's extended EVA, or "-" if none.
  9. A label class, a single capital letter identifying the general class of object to which the label seems attached:
    • A astronomical.
    • B "biological".
    • P plant-related (from "pharma" and "herbal" sections).
    • Z "zodiacal".
    • T from plain text (titles and labels on paragraphs).
    • ? unclassified (e.g. the "rosette page")
  10. A more specific, one-word description of the label, e.g. "nymph", "planet", "star", etc. Often followed by "?".
  11. Miscellaneous comments, or "-" if none.

    If you care, you can get my notebook with the unix recipe to generate the HTML pages from the machine-readable file, as well as the directory with the files and scripts mentioned therein.