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The February 2000 Voynich Club Expedition to Prague

Some pictures

Last february, after attending the WSCG 2000 conference in Plzen (Pilsen), I spent a couple of days touring Prague in the company of RenÚ, Marcela, and Kamil. Here are a few pictures taken during our "expedition". (The trip reports were posted to the Voyinch mailing list.)

Kamil, Rene, and Marcela at the Prague Castle.
The red fašade of the St. George Monastery is visible in the background.
Jacobus worked there for a while, before joining Rudolf's court.

The tower at the East end of Charles's Bridge.
Is this the castle tower depicted on page f85v/f86r?

The library rooms of the Strahov Monastery.
Is the key to the VMS somewhere in here? Perhaps...

An inner courtyard at the Clementinum, the old Jesuit College.
It now houses the main branch of the Czech National Library,
wehre we found Schmidl's biography of Jacobus.
Only later we learned that Jacobus's tomb and statue are here too.
Surely there is much more to be found...

A stuffed bird on display in the Strahov Monastery lobby.
Yuck. The local guides claim it is a dodo.
I wonder... more like a cassowary, I would say.

Another stuffed something on display at the Strahov.
I suppose it is a manta ray, doctored to resemble a humanoid.
Gives some perspective to the "dodo" specimen above.