Firefox marker bug

Simple test

This is an SVG image file imported with <EMBED...>:

The following PNG screen snapshot shows what that embedded image looks like on my Firefox browser:

(The markers are incorrectly positioned with respect to the lines.)

The following screen snapshot is what I see when I open the SVG image directly in my Firefox browser:

(The markers seem to be correct.)

A test using the embed-in-object trick

This is the same SVG file above, now imported as an <EMBED...> within an <OBJECT...>, as suggested in the SVG and HTML Wiki:

(The arrow tips still come out wrong on my Firefox.)

A test from the W3C-SVG suite

This is a copy of the SCG test file "painting-marker-01-f.svg" from the W3C-SVG site, imported with <EMBED...>:

(The markers seem to be correct.)

This is a modified copy of the same file, where some markers have "viewBox"es with nonzero low corner:

(The markers are in the wrong place.)

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