Ongoing & past projects


bullet Genesis 1:28 (1979-on going).

Environment for development of human beings and animation of human nature.

bullet Smallest dilation (2013-on going):

Algorithms for computing the smallest dilation substructure of a given topological metric structure.

bullet Chromatic art gallery (2012-on going):

Exact algorithms for minimizing the number of colors required to guide a robot within a polygonal environment.

bullet Interactive image segmentation (2012-on going):

Semi-supervised image segmentation and object identification.

bullet Covering geometric objects with disks (2011-on going):

Approximation algorithms to minimize the total cost for covering given geometric objects with disks under a polynomial cost function on the disks’ radii.

bullet Active learning paradigms for pattern recognition (2011-on going):

Semi-supervised image annotation that rely on a priori data reduction and organization.

bullet Characterization of visibility graphs of fans (2011-2013):

Studying properties of visibility graphs of (pseudo-)fans.

bullet Supervised pattern recognition images (2010-on going):

Effective and efficient algorithms for pattern recognition in the context of (semi-)supervised machine learning.

bullet Machine learning algorithms for pattern classification (2009-2011):
Learning algorithms for pattern classification using optimum path forest.
bullet Exact algorithms for hard problems in symbol maps visualization (2008-on going):

Exact  algorithms for solving hard problems on map visualization.

bullet Art gallery (2006-on going):

Exact algorithms for determining the smallest number of cameras that can guard a polygonal art gallery.

bullet SubdiViewer (2004-2007):

Visualization tool for data structures representing planar subdivisions (Linux and Windows).

bullet Geometry of curves (2004-2006):

Investigation of non-Euclidian geometries based on families of curves along with the development of a geometric tool (GFViewer) for creating and manipulating objects in said geometries (Linux and Windows).

bullet T2 in CGAL and T2Viewer (2002-2007):

Extension of CGAL to the oriented projective plane T2 along with a Dynamic Visualization System (Linux).

bullet Astral (1997-2003):

Environment for animation of algorithms and data structures (MacOS and Windows).

bullet GeoPrO (1994-1999):

Distributed programming environment and visualization system for the oriented projective plane (Irix).

bullet EGOLib (1991-1996):

Elementary Graphics Objects Library built over XLib and XView (SunOS).

bullet AnimA (1991-1996):

Environment for animation of algorithms and data structures (SunOS).

bullet GeoLab (1990-1993):

Environment for development and animation of geometric algorithms (SunOS).


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