Currently, my main topics of research are:
My main research interests are:

Ongoing projects

Interactive image segmentation using the Live Markers Paradigm work

USIS is a software which I am currently developing for interactive segmentation of objects in images based on the Image Foresting Transform (IFT).

The main method implemented in USIS is called LiveMarkers and can be found on the project's webpage.

Usis screenshot

To obtain a package containing demo functions for graph-based image processing using IFT, please access the IFT-demo web page:

IFTrace: segmentation of multiple objects in video

Along with Rodrigo Minetto and João Paulo Papa I am also developing methods for object tracking and segmentation in videos. IFTrace combines the IFT-based segmentation with optical flow estimation, using the Kanade-Lucas-Tomasi algorithm, to propagate the objects' delineations in a frame-by-frame fashion.

Please refer to IFTrace's website for more details: