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How SD-WAN Works

The way SD-WAN technology works provides significant advantages to WAN. Traditional WAN technologies involve installation of proprietary hardware or expensive fixed circuits. WAN infrastructure is quite complex, consisting of routers, firewalls, WAN optimizers, WAN path controllers and other components.

SD-WAN takes out much of the hardware, offering connectivity and services through the cloud. It delivers unified communications and data applications through integration of multiple connection types, like broadband internet, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), and Long-Term Evolution (LTE). SD- WAN also integrates the entire WAN into a single interface, which makes handling issues in the network easier.

Overall, the goal of SD-WAN is simplification and the creation of a real-time data network without as much physical networking. The end idea is that, after deployment of SD-WAN devices, setting up the technology would be as easy as setting up Wi-Fi.

Cisco melded technology acquired in its 2017 takeover of Viptela into the Verizon SD-WAN platform. The platform gives a boost in switching capability that lets 5G video stream uninterrupted as devices move from cellular connections to broadband Wi-Fi. Verizon's SD-WAN also works to improve enterprise security. Network managers can erect a perimeter around assets and control device access to them on an applications-level basis for mobile workforces.

Demanding SD-WAN?https://www.fieldengineer.com/blogs/software-defined-wan is winning over midmarket CIOs through cost savings, simplified management and boosting bandwidth capabilities.

VoIP API Providers:

The dependency on mobile networks is seriously in a breakdown. The technology has progressed to a certain height where every action is carried over the internet. The efficiency of a mobile network over the internet voice calls is higher. Thus, most of the businesses embed VoIP API to their existing or new applications to create voice calls instantly. With their unlimited cloud infrastructure and VoIP APIs make, receive and control high-quality calls without the disregard of subscription-based voice call plans. Contus Fly, VoIP functionality?http://voip-control.com/ as their, provide unlimited voice call possibility with a one-time payment.


Para entrar em contato diretamente com os responsáveis pela Maratona na Unicamp, mande um email para um dos endereços abaixo:

Professor responsável (Coach dos times)
Prof. Fábio Usberti: fusberti [em] ic [ponto] unicamp [ponto] br
Monitor PED
Lucas Porto Maziero, aluno de mestrado: lucasporto1992 [em] gmail [ponto] com
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Ivan Henrique Costa Petrin, aluno de graduação: ivanilos [em] gmail [ponto] com

Listas de Email

O grupo maratona_unicamp no Google Groups é a lista de email da Maratona na Unicamp. A lista normalmente é usada para divulgar competições, notícias relacionadas ou discutir assuntos e dúvidas pertinentes à Maratona. Para participar, basta enviar um pedido de inscrição e o mesmo logo será aceito.

A nível nacional, temos a lista geral da Maratona de Programação (Brasil) com um grande número de participantes.

Sites da Maratona

Fique de olho no site oficial da Maratona de Programação e também na página do Facebook.

Calendário de Competições

Esse é um calendário de competições do site Coding Door. Adicione o calendário ao seu Google Calendar usando o botão + no canto inferior direito. O calendário será atualizado automaticamente e você pode definir lembretes para as competições.