Palestra da Série de Seminários: The Power of Duals: computing with primal-dual meshes com o Prof. Fernando de Goes da Caltech University

Universidade Estadual de Campinas - UNICAMP
Instituto de Computação - IC

P A L E S T R A  D A  S É R I E   D E   S E M I N Á R I O S

Sexta-feira, 17/05/2013, às 16:00 horas
Sala 85 - IC

                       Fernando de Goes
                       Caltech University

Title: The Power of Duals: computing with primal-dual meshes

In this talk, we present recent advances in the discretization of geometric data through the use of triangle meshes and orthogonal dual diagrams. From geometric insights in the construction of dual diagrams, we introduce novel meshing tools that extend the well known (weighted) Delaunay/Voronoi duality to triangulations of arbitrary topology, while improving accuracy and performance of computations compared to traditional finite elements. We also show theoretical and practical applications of primal-dual meshes in error quantization, blue noise sampling, and architecture modeling. Joint work with Pierre Alliez, Katherine Breeden, Mathieu Desbrun, Pooran Memari, Patrick Mullen, Victor Ostromoukhov, and Houman Owhadi.

Short Bio:
Fernando de Goes is a PhD candidate in computer science at California Institute of Technology (Caltech), under the supervision of Prof. Mathieu Desbrun. He received a MS degree in computer science in 2009 and a BE in computer engineering in 2006, both from UNICAMP, Brazil. His research interests include discrete differential geometry and its applications to geometry processing and physical simulation.

Prof. Siome Goldenstein
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