MC504: Operating Systems

Since 2010.

Prerequisite:  MC404 / EA869


Process concept: concurrency, critical regions, scheduling. Concepts on addressing space and virtual memory management, paging and segmentation. File systems: hierarchy, protection, organization and security. Input/Output management. Case studies.


1.     Definitions of processes and threads

2.     Process communication and synchronization

a.     Critical region

b.    Semaphores

c.     Monitors

d.    Synchronous and asynchronous messaging

3.     Process scheduling

a.     Batch scheduling

b.    Dynamic scheduling

c.     Scheduling in real time

4.     Memory management

a.     Virtual memory

b.    Paging

c.     Segmentation

5.     File systems

a.     Organization

b.    Hierarchy

c.     Protection: forms of attack, access lists, capabilities

6.     Input / Output Management

7.     Case studies

Recommended Literature:

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     II.        A. S. Tanenbaum, Sistemas Operacionais Modernos, 3rd edition in portuguese, Prentice-Hall, 2010

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