MC202: Data Structures

Since 2011.

Prerequisite:  MC102


Basic structures for information representation: lists, trees, graphs and their generalizations. Algorithms for construction, querying and manipulation of such structures. Development, implementation and tests of programs using such structures in specific applications.


1.     Linked structures: node, pointer, pointer variable, memory dynamic allocation

2.     Singly linked list: basic operations

3.     Comparison of linked list with vectors

4.     General algorithms for singly linked lists: enumeration, inversion, copy, concatenation

5.     Stacks, queues and their applications (including elimination of recursion)

6.     Merge of lists and mergesort: informal analysis

7.     Variations: headed circular lists, headed doubly linked lists, free lists

8.     Sorting algorithms

9.     Binary trees: representation and traversal (recursive)

10.  Application: search trees (insertion and deletion)

11.  Balanced search binary trees

12.  Heap: implementation with array and heapsort

13.  General trees: definition, representation with lists, traversal

14.  Generalized lists and its use to represent linked structures in general

15.  B-trees and generalizations

16.  Introduction to hashing: concept, implementation with linked lists. Hashing techniques for files

17.  Graphs: concept, representations by matrices and linked lists

18.  Graph traversal in width and depth

19.  Implementation of data structures in disk

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