MC102: Algorithms and Computer Programming

Since 2011.

Prerequisite: None


Basic concepts on computer organization. Construction of algorithms and its representation on pseudocode and high level languages. Systematic development and programs implementation. Structuring, debugging, tests and documentation of programs. Problem solving.


Topics to be studied (preferably in this order)

1.     Computing environment’s basic organization

2.     Variables, constants and attributions

3.     Data input and output

4.     Arithmetic, logic and relational expressions

5.     Conditional commands

6.     Repeat commands

7.     Arrays and Strings

8.     Matrices

9.     Functions

10.  Variable scope

11.  Pointers and dymanic allocation of arrays

12.  Sorting algorithms

13.  Search algorithms

14.  Enumerated Types and structures

15.  Text and binary files

16.  Recursion

Recommended Literature:

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     II.        H. M. Deitel, P. J. Deitel. C - Como Programar, 6th edition, Pearson Education, 2011

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   IV.        J. L. Szwarcfiter, L. Markenzon. Estruturas de Dados e seus Algoritmos, 3rd edition, Editora LTC, 2010

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