Postdoctoral Affairs


To those postdoctoral candidates, the University of Campinas - UNICAMP offers the possibility to participate in the Program of Postdoctoral Researcher (PPPD), which constitutes a modality of qualification and qualification of the researcher in research and teaching. This academic program ensures access to our libraries and the using of facilities, goods and services available for the development of research activities.

The Institute of Computing (IC) defines that a registration as postdoctoral fellow is limited to those researchers who already hold a doctorate degree obtained in Brazil or abroad and are willing to develop academic research. For this, the Candidates must meet the following requirements in order to be eligible for registration.

In the case of documents issued abroad, Unicamp requires that they be consularized, that is, that they be authenticated by a Brazilian consular office in the country of origin of the documents. In this case, the applicant must also provide a free translation of the documents.

Check here the countries exempted from consularisation.…


To this end, the postdoctoral candidates must express interest in the program by sending the following information to the Academic Supervisor (active professor at Institute of Computation), the one who should be chosen for the duration of the Program:

1. Full name of the person concerned,
2. E-mail of the interested party.

The chosen Academic Supervisor must send by email this information to the area responsible for sending the application form.

a) Once the pre-registration is done, an email is automatically sent to the Supervisor, for his/her agreement confirmation.  After this step, a confirmation email is also sent to the candidate.

b) The candidate get by email an access key* and an access link to the registration system. LinkSystem

                                 * WARNING: Without an access key (b) the system access will not be possible.

c) The candidate being Brazilian¹ or foreigner², must insert in the System the documentation below:

¹ For Brazilians:

I-National ID card (RG);
II – Copy of National Insurance Number (CPF);
III - Proof of Address copy;
IV - Birth Certificate or Marriage or Stable Marriage (this one must be attached in the same document along with items I, II and III);
V - Copy of the doctorate degree certificate;
VI - Curriculum Vitae (Curriculum Lattes or CNPq);
VII - Research Project;
VIII – Copy of the granting agreement issued by the research funding agency.

² For foreigners:

I - Passport;
II - National Insurance Number (CPF- Brazil);
III – RNE ( National Registry of Foreigners) - Foreigners should present RNE or protocol and photocopy of the current permanency vista or protocol;
IV - Proof of Address copy;
V - Commitment to the legality of permanence in Brazil - ( this one must be attached in the same document along with items I, II, III and IV)
VI - Birth or Marriage Certificate;
VII - Copy of the doctorate degree certificate;
VIII - Curriculum Vitae;
IX - Research Project;
X – Copy of the granting agreement with the research funding agency.


> The proceedings will continue when the attached documents are validated by the area in charge of the Postdoctoral Program at the Institute of Computing.

> If the documents are not attached properly, the candidate will receive an email requesting the corrections to be made.

> The institutional bond to the Postdoctoral Program is conditional upon a proof of funding issued by a research funding agencies, universities, academic foundations or other correlates institutions, in order to ensure a full-time dedication to the activities provided for in the postdoctoral project, and only responsible for analyzing the characteristics of the funding and the research project presented by the candidate is the Academic Supervisor, previously chosen by the candidate.

> The researcher's stay in the program will last for the financing term of his project.

> In case of the academic project financing period ends before the end of the academic semester in which the postdoctoral researcher is still developing the activities foreseen in his/her project, then the stay in the postdoctoral program may be extended until the end of the semester.

> The admission will be submitted and confirmed only after the approval of the Decision-making Body of the Institute of Computing.


If there are doubts or disagreements regarding data of registration information, please send an email to (DGRH_UNICAMP)

Or for other information doubts please send an email to pppd-ic