Extension Courses

Extension and outreach at the Institute of Computing

UNICAMP is a public institution, fully funded by the State of São Paulo. As such, extension and outreach activities are an essential element of UNICAMP's social mission, with initiatives aimed at bringing the institution closer to the community. Using the university's own funds or those obtained from partnerships with other teaching institutions, public bodies, non-governmental organizations and public or private companies, extension activities take a variety of forms, including programs, events, publications, technological, educational, cultural and social products and the provision of services. Parts of this paragraph quoted from UNICAMP's website, at


At the Institute of Computing, extension activities have been mostly centered around continuing education courses and research and development contract partnerships with the public and private sectors. 

Extension courses

Extension (continuing education) courses take the form of 360+ hour programs taught on weekends at the Institute's premises. Two of these courses are quite popular and have been offered yearly since the 1990s: Software Engineering and Computer Networks. Over 1,500 students have graduated from these programs and hundreds of them have reported faster career advancements resulting from the their association with Unicamp. 

Other year-long courses were offered in the past, in Object-oriented Programming and Geoprocessing. Shorter courses are offered occasionally, when demand exists for advanced knowledge in niche areas. 

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Partnership with the public and private sector

Research and development in partnership with public and private companies and government bodies have been a constant mark of the Institute's extension activities. 

National and international corporations such as Banco do Brasil, Itautec, Petrobras, CPqD Foundation, IBM, Microsoft, Intel, AMD, Samsung, among others have had R&D contracts led by faculty members, in diverse areas of Computer Science and Engineering.

Public bodies such as Brazil's Revenue Service, The National Electoral Authority, The National Congress, The Federal Police, among others, have sought the Institute's expertise and signed cooperation agreements that inspired large-scale research projects of national relevance.


For further information, please e-mail sec-ext@ic.unicamp.br